• About Us

    Mercury Son started in late 2011 when long time friends Brian Landreth (Drummer) and Brad Jahn (Singer/Guitarist) who had played in bands together in the past decided they wanted to give it another go.  They quickly enlisted the help of Cory Carter another long time friend to fill the bass role.  As fathers and husbands, the first rule of Mercury Son has always been family comes first. The new band decided to devote as much time as possible to the band but each conceded that all three families would always take precedence. The threesome spent most of 2012 revamping some older originals and writing new ones. When the set list hit 20 they were ready to show what they had worked so hard on. In 2016 Mercury Son found a long lost friend in Travis Britton who was quickly added to the line up. Travis brings a blues based guitar style that fits the Mercury Son brand of music, blending genres to produce a truly original sound.